London fashion designer creates an immersive digital experience to coincide with national mental health campaign Time to Talk Day – 4 February 2021

London fashion designer creates an immersive digital experience to coincide with national mental health campaign Time to Talk Day – 4 February 2021

London fashion designer creates an immersive digital experience to coincide with national mental health campaign Time to Talk Day – 4 February 2021

Fashion designer and mental health activist, Sarah Hollebon, has created an immersive online exhibition to open up the conversation around mental ill health and challenge the stigma and discrimination through her sculptured garments.

As the UK continues its national lockdown, the exhibition, ‘Death Over Time Part 2’, is being streamed to the public for free between 25 January 2021 – 14 February 2021 and will coincide with the national mental health campaign Time to Change’s annual ‘Time to Talk Day’ on Thursday 4th February 2021.

Visit the online virtual exhibition here

This unique fashion exhibition showcases poignant garments that hold deep rooted challenges and experiences for people to view and learn from. Sarah extensively interviewed people with first-hand experience on specific mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia and anorexia, while also incorporating her own experiences. The building blocks for these innovative designs were visually inspired from these interviews which are exclusively on show in the virtual exhibition. Sarah collaborated with a number of selected artists to expand the dialogue on what can be a challenging and uncomfortable subject.

Sarah Hollebon will also be hosting a series of free, live ‘In Conversations’ events talking to professionals in the fashion industry to run in conjunction with the virtual exhibition. Sarah will be covering themes such as: can fashion be a kinder industry to work in? Is the fast pace of the fashion industry a contributing factor to people’s mental ill health? How can fashion be used to change attitude towards mental ill health?

The dates and speakers include:

·        Wednesday 3 Feb, 6pm – Chantay Watson, Model (represented by Frame Perfect)
·        Friday 5 Feb, 6pm – Rosie Minako, Model and social activist
·        Wednesday 10 Feb, 6pm – Antonia Latz, Model and dancer (represented by Frame Perfect)

To register for the free, online talks via Zoom visit:

Carnaby-based Sarah Hollebon has been an active volunteer and campaigner with Time to Change since January 2020. This year’s Time to Talk Day theme is ‘The Power of Small’ because every conversation on mental health, big or small is vital. Time to Change Kingston hub have kindly funded and supported this event.

About Sarah Hollebon

Sarah Hollebon is a rising British fashion designer with a mission to normalise conversations on social issues.  She is currently focusing on the areas of mental health, trauma, and sexual violence. Each collection produced visually highlights people’s real experiences and challenges, where some are extremely deep rooted.

Located on Kingly Street in Carnaby London, each garment is handmade in-house, offering either bespoke or limited runs. Graduating from Bespoke Tailoring at London College of Fashion and trained by a Savile Row waistcoat tailor, Sarah understands the importance for quality and for precision in every garment.

Sarah Hollebon is a mental health activist and in her spare time she campaigns and volunteers for Time to Change, a leader in ending stigma and discrimination in mental health. Sarah is a keen public speaker, giving talks on a broad range of mental health topics. You can book her now through Speakers Collective.

For more information visit Sarah’s website: SARAH HOLLEBON – exploring social issues worldwide

About Time to Change

Time to Change is a growing social movement working to change the way we all think and respond to mental health problems. They have already reached millions of people and begun to improve attitudes and behaviour.

Time to Change is made up of:

·        Hundreds of Time to Change champions across the country campaigning in their communities.

·        A network of Hubs bringing local organisations together to change attitudes in their area.

·        Hundreds of employers, and their employees, putting mental health on the map in their workplaces.

·        Thousands of schools delivering assemblies and lessons on mental health and supporting young campaigners to influence their peers. 

·        Thousands of people joining in their online community and campaigning through social media.

Through sharing our stories, calling out stigma and discrimination and helping others to talk about mental health we are using our own experiences to change the attitudes and behaviour of a nation.

For more information on Time to Change visit Time To Change | let’s end mental health discrimination (