Working together the possibilities are endless.

Together we can change how we all think and act about mental health.

Fine and Dandi have built partnerships with the following people and business’.

If you would like to discuss becoming a partner of Fine and Dandi please contact us

Black Sheep Fitness Academy

Lee and his team at Black Sheep Fitness Academy work on both physical and mental health via exercising.  

Black Sheep Fitness Academy is based in South Shields.

Gary Mutimer

In 2016 Gary was given a double diagnosis of Kidney Cancer and a heart condition called Aortic Stenosis. He didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of a life changing journey. 

Gary often talks about neglecting his mental health to look after his physical health during his treatment.

Gary now aims to raise awareness and help as many people as I can by sharing my journey

steve outside of the O2

Steve Loft – Wellment

Steve Loft founded WellMent because he wanted to help organisations thrive. WellMent provides workplace mental health & wellbeing training and consultancy services to organisations across the UK. 

In 2013 Steve set up and led a ground breaking health and wellbeing peer-to-peer support network for a large and complex UK Transport authority. The success of the group was recognised both at a company and national level. This success coupled with others, inspired Steve to learn more about mental health in the workplace and help other employers struggling with mental health at work. Keeping in mind a peer-to-peer support network Steve set up in the past, we have since learned that most organisations intentions towards their employees are well meant, even if they don’t always get it right. 

WellMent is the result of Steve’s ambition that every person in the workplace – from a small 1 person business to a multi-national organisation with thousands of employees – should be workingwellmentally. Steve works with the other consultants at WellMent in helping our clients achieve mental health success at work

Sarah Hollebon

Sarah Hollebon is a rising British fashion designer with a mission to normalise conversations on social issues. Each collection produced will highlight people’s real experiences and challenges, where some are extremely deep rooted.

Sarah is a keen advocate for mental health, she creates positive dialogue and opens up the conversation, on what can be very challenging topics. She campaigns and volunteers for Time to Change, a leader in campaigning to end stigma and discrimination in mental health. As a keen public speaker, Sarah gives talks covering a broad range of mental health topics.