Rugby is an inclusive sport and there is a position for everyone

Rugby is an inclusive sport and there is a position for everyone

After linking up with Whitley Bay Barbarians towards the end of 2021 we’ve been doing some work behind the scenes as we head into 2022. As everyone is aware Fine and Dandi look to raise awareness around mental health, diversity and inclusion and our focus and goals align perfectly with Whitley Bay Barbarians, they encourage everyone to be themselves and play with a smile but also ensure everyone is comfortable in talking to someone if they are struggling as well as making everyone feel welcome and part of a team.

The Barbarians received some feedback from a parent from one of the clubs’ teams, they would like to remain anonymous but would like to share the message below to show the work the club has done that has been a fantastic help to her son as well as encourage anyone who maybe unsure about rugby, to give it a go.

“I would like to share my appreciation for what Whitley Bay Barbarian Rugby Club has done for my son, they have encouraged him to have a voice, express himself, build long lasting relationships all while being part of a team, this is not something I ever thought I would see as it’s been a long journey to get to this point, and he has transformed since been part of WBB, he is more confident and outspoken.

Myself and a friend had tried for two years to get my son to rugby and with her kind words of encouragement we made it to practice so he could see what it was like, while there the chairperson and coaches actively came and approached us, took the time to really speak to my son and help put him at ease, I was absolutely blown away by the approach they took, and if I’m honest I was quite overwhelmed and had a few tears of happiness because they really made the effort with my son and I knew they would allow him to flourish after they welcomed him with open arms.

I was quite concerned as no one knew we were awaiting autism testing for my son, I walked away with a heavy feeling of ‘what if he is unable to take part/play because of this reason’ as he may not always understand what is been asked of him so might need it explained a couple of times and not very good at holding eye contact, upon arriving home I gained his coaches contact number and messaged him, I explained the situation and he instantly put me at ease, following on from that I also had a conversation with Kristen (Chairperson) who again couldn’t have been any nicer, she explained rugby is an inclusive sport and there is a position for everyone on the pitch.

We had tried a number of sports over the years which he did not take to, I really do think it is the kind words of the coaches and parents which helps put him at ease, whether that is a ‘hello’ or standing cheering him on the side lines, it really makes him feel valued and part of a team, he has grown massively in confidence, self-belief, and also more respectful. We attended the end of season award ceremony, and he went off on the dance floor with his teammates and to collect his trophy which he would never have done before, I was absolutely delighted.

Thank you to all of the volunteers at Whitley Bay Barbarians, you are all absolutely amazing”

Whitley Bay Barbarians want everyone to enjoy playing and feel welcome in and around the club and would encourage anyone who is interested in rugby to contact the club for more information.

A fantastic start to our linkup and its fantastic to see the philosophy the club has paying off, well done to everyone involved.

If you would like to find out more about the Barbarians, the website and social media links are below

Web – Whitley Bay Barbarians
Facebook – Whitley Bay Barbarians Rugby League Club
Twitter – WhitleyBayBarbarians (@WBBarbarians)
Instagram – Whitley Bay Barbarians (@whitleybaybarbarians)

If you would be interested in working with Fine and Dandi or find out more about what we do please contact us for more information.