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100 Miles in August

100 Miles in August has been a fantastic success with everyone involved completing over 400 miles. As well as fundraising we’ve spent the month talking about mental health, diversity and inclusion. The is still a stigma around these subjects and its been great to see so many people getting involved across social media. Thank you…
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Reflecting on 2021

As 2021 comes to an end its time to reflect on how the year has gone. The past year for Fine and Dandi has been a fantastic one. We didn’t expect things to have progressed at the rate in which they have but the year has been fantastic, and we head into 2022 looking to…
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North-East football coach, Gavin Fell, continues to set challenges, and raise awareness, of mental health

As New Year’s Resolutions go, one person is taking it to a whole, other level, and we’re not just talking about going beyond 31 January, although that is a good start. They do say that the great outdoors, sport and exercise, is good for the body and soul, wellbeing, and one’s mental health. In fact,…
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