The negative side of social media

The negative side of social media

The negative side of social media.

We all know that social media can be fantastic, but everything isn’t always as rosy as it may seem.

With all of the good there is certainly some bad things around social media and with the tragic news over the past few days I now think it’s time to start and talk about these issues and look to get something done. Everyone on social media should have a “blue tick” and be verified. If you don’t aren’t verified then no post should go live. 

We can’t continue to live in a social media world where people can hide behind fake profiles and throw hurtful and unneeded abuse towards people as we know the devastating effects it can have. We should live in a world where we are accountable and face consequences for our actions on social media. No one should have to suffer abuse on social media. 

I’m currently looking to put some pieces together with people who have been on the wrong end of this abuse and now want to speak out. These hurtful and spiteful tweets or posts can an effect on people’s mental health and people often writing them hide behind fake profiles and give this abuse without considering the effects it may have on a person. 

If you have suffered with any abuse on social media and would like to talk about it then contact me. We can start to show people the effects that social media can have on someone’s mental health. We will also show that people do suffer mentally with these hurtful messages. An article can published online can be done so anonymously if required.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind…

Let’s talk about mental health