We’re a football club sure, but football is so much more than just the game

We’re a football club sure, but football is so much more than just the game

Fine and Dandi have built up a partnership with local football side Hazlerigg Victory FC over the course of the season via Mark Bullock (Chairperson) after he did some fundraising for Fine and Dandi last year.

Mark shares our vision around mental health and looks to encourage mental health discussions around the club; it’s refreshing to see such an open and honest approach, something Mark and Hazlerigg can be proud of.

Fine and Dandi have supported the club during the 2022/23 season with match ball sponsorship and when the opportunity arose to help with some new warm up jackets, we jumped at the chance to get involved and support. The club now proudly display Fine and Dandi on the backs of the jackets and they were first on show when Hazlerigg won the Neville Cowey Cup in April.

The club recently emailed all of their sponsors to thank them for their support and included the following about the club:

“The sponsorship has enabled us to provide football for 97 men across the season. Whilst a lot of focus is often on kids sports (and rightly so) it’s perhaps forgotten how important it is for all human beings to feel part of something, get regular exercise etc. we’re a football club sure, but football is so much more than just the game. The friendships, the bonds, the memories, the escape – I could go on, thank you all for doing your bit to help us once again, achieve our goals”

Mark told us “We’ve always looked to support and talk about mental health, it’s affected a lot of us in different ways since we formed the club in 2007 and we’re delighted to have struck up a relationship with local mental health charity ‘Fine n Dandi’ this season – we now display their logo on the back of our warm up jackets”

Hazlerigg went on to do a league and cup double this season, capping off a fantastic season for the club, making it a season everyone can be proud of.

The club is ran solely by volunteers, click here to find out more (facebook link) on the club and ways to help and support the club going forward.

We are proud of the links we have created with Mark and Hazlerigg so far and we are excited to see how things develop further going forward.

Congratulations to everyone at Hazlerigg Victory FC for a fantastic season.