Whitley Bay Barbarians Parnership

Whitley Bay Barbarians Parnership

Now that Fine and Dandi has become more established over recent months we have been looking into options to help both us and others going forward. We wanted to announce our first partnership. We are delighted to be able to link up with Whitley Bay Barbarians Rugby League Club.

Mental health can affect 1 in 4 people in the UK every year and as many as 1 in 10 children and young people. We want to encourage everyone to be themselves, talk to others, talk to us and help us reduce the stigma around mental health by showing others that it’s okay to not be okay and more importantly that no one needs to suffer in silence or alone.

With our focus on mental health, diversity and inclusion and having followed the Whitley Bay Barbarian Women’s team over several years it only seemed natural to look at our options and ways we could get involved with the club to help staff and players to talk about mental health, look out for each other and asking for help if it is needed.

We are proud to announce that we have agreed a partnership that will see our logo displayed across playing kits for both men’s and women’s teams going forward. In turn, we will become Whitley Bay Barbarians “Mental Health First Aider” which will give the club, the staff and the players more awareness around mental health, encourage players to talk as well as offering additional support for players.

On the linkup Steven from Fine and Dandi said “Whitley Bay Barbarians have been fantastic and very open to it all. It’s great that the players can express themselves on the pitch, but we also want to encourage players (and staff) to open up, talk and look after their mental health”.

“The most important thing is to let players talk, especially as the younger generation are more wary about opening up – they need to feel that they can do so, without pressure and without being judged.”

On forming the linkup with Fine and Dandi, Whitley Bay Barbarians Chairperson Kristen Whinfield said “As a community rugby league club we are always looking to support our players and provide a welcoming and enriching environment. We’ve always been passionate about equality and diversity and offering a safe space for everyone.”

“Following the recent it’s okay not to be okay movement we wanted to be able to raise awareness of mental health and promote not suffering in silence. Our partnership with Fine and Dandi is something we are very excited about, not only are we gaining a wealth of knowledge we will have a dedicated mental health first aider on hand to support our players and volunteers.”.

Whitley Bay Barbarians Woman and Girls Section Manager and Vice Chairman Kev Shanks also said ”It makes us really proud to be able to promote this much needed charity. Displaying the logo will hopefully encourage people to ask about “Fine and Dandi” as mental health plays huge part in everyone’s lives but isn’t talked about enough.”

“As manager of our women and girls section and vice chairman of the club the wellbeing of all players is my uppermost concern.”

“So getting this very important message out there, “it’s OK not to be ok” for players, staff and supporters alike makes us really proud to work with “Fine and Dandi” and hopefully this will help the people who need it most.”

Whitley Bay Barbarians is a community rugby league club playing in the North East of England who offer opportunities for local children to learn to play rugby league in a supportive and structured environment. The Barbarians support the local community through bases at Seghill RFC and North Shields RFC as well as providing community coaching in local schools.

The Barbarians run both male and female teams with U12’s, U14’s, U16’s and Open age female teams as well as U8’s, U10’s, U12’s, U14’s and Open age mens teams.

Whitley Bay Barbarians have a facebook page for both mens and womans teams which give an insight into the club and teams. Take a look at the Barbarians Facebook pages for more information and ways to get involved.

Fine and Dandi details will be displayed on Whitley Bay Barbarians shirts going forward.