Despair, therapy and rebuilding – I’m eternally grateful to the NHS.

Despair, therapy and rebuilding – I’m eternally grateful to the NHS.

I had a successful career as a financial adviser, but the life I had was stolen from me by the demon that is depression.

I was in the depths of despair (as those closest to me know only too well) but thanks to our fantastic NHS, I have been receiving regular therapy for a year and a half, and the kindness, patience and understanding shown to me has helped me to rebuild myself, calm my mind, and find a sense of peace that has been missing for a very long time.

My life has been difficult and led me to a place where I was completely lost, broken and suicidal, but I have finally found somewhere I have a degree of peace, and very importantly optimism for the future. I finally feel ready to return to the world of work, and as I love to travel (and love helping people) I’ve decided that being a travel agent would be a perfect fit for me, so, watch this space…

If you are feeling overwhelmed by dark thoughts, despair, and have lost interest in your life, then please know that you are never alone. No matter how bad you feel, how lost and on your own you feel, there is always hope, and you are never alone.

What I would say to people that is that life can improve, and that the hopelessness we feel can pass, but that it is vitally important to start a conversation and share how we feel, with whoever we feel able to.

Please don’t suffer in silence – talk honestly with those closest to you, arrange to see your GP, and ask for the help that you are entitled to, which is now much more accessible than it used to be. 

Ian spent a month volunteering in Kenya a few years ago.

I am living proof that you can view life differently, you can start to feel happy again, and that it is possible for you to have a satisfying and hopefully rewarding life, which we all deserve. 

For me, the therapy I have been receiving has transformed my life, and I will be eternally grateful to my therapist, and to our wonderful NHS for giving this to me. 

Lots of love to you all.


Ian is currently looking to setup as a travel agent to be able to not only help people find holidays they love but is following a dream and passion in becoming a travel agent. Whilst the current situation isn’t ideal for anyone, if anyone would like to support Ian in his journey, they are more than welcome to show support and donate to his crowdfunding here.

These are certainly unsettling times for all of us, but Ian wanted to reassure the many of you who have donated to his (gofundme) crowdfunding campaign, that he remain’s absolutely 100% committed to setting up as a travel agent with Hays Travel, and his training will be starting as soon as practicable. 

At the moment travel and holidays are the last things on any of our minds, but we won’t be here forever, and when things start to improve, the travel industry will have some fantastic deals available to encourage us all to travel, and he will be there to help you take advantage of these.