Time to Change Pledge

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Time to Change Pledge

I’ve recently signed the pledge with Time to Change on behalf of Fine and Dandi. This is to continue to help tackle the stigma around mental health and show that it okay to talk and seek help. Time to Change is a national initiative launched by two charities, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness and they encourage debate to tackle stigma around mental health.

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem this year yet many people still do not believe problems are likely to affect them or anyone they know. But mental health problems can affect any of us – directly or otherwise. And, without the support from those around us, this can really have an impact on us at home and work.

Let’s engage in conversations about mental health. Let’s show everyone that it is okay to talk about mental health and its okay to ask for help.

We are currently going through some testing times as a nation. We are spending more time at home and facing many challenges.

Start a conversation and check in with a loved one. Many people may be struggling at the moment and its more important than ever to talk about your feelings. Make sure you take good care of both your physical and mental health (staying within the Government guidelines).

If you would like to get involved or discuss anything then please contact me.

Recently signed Time to Change pledge
Recently signed Time to Change pledge

Lets talk mental health 🙂


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