Recent interview with NE Online Magazine

Recent interview with NE Online Magazine

I’ve recently discussed my time and a photographer and how that developed over a number of years and how it has now turned into Fine and Dandi with Peter Mann. Peter is someone I’ve worked with over the last decade and the time was right for us both to get together for a catch up and to discuss things over the past decade and how we are now going down different paths but still chat and encourage everyone to chat about mental health and seek help.

Peter recently shared his journey about his battles with depression following the loss of his brother with Fine and Dandi and encourages people to speak out and seek help.

The interview was published with the NE Online Magazine and my article can be found below. If you would like to take a look at the magazine then it can be found online.

I’m looking to share more content over the coming weeks. I’m currently chatting to several people about sharing their journey, looking at options and linkups to expand what Fine and Dandi is about. If you would like to get involved, chat about ways to improve Fine and Dandi or even share your journey then please contact me. I’m happy to chat to everyone about their journey and look at ways to encourage people to talk and seek help when needed.

Things are tough for many people at the moment so please also remember to look after your own mental health and take some time out for you.

Lets talk mental health.

Take care