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Toni Upton – “They’ve fallen in love with the women’s game”

In a nation coming off the back of a successful, home, European Championship-winning tournament, the subject of women, and that of the beautiful game, has come on leaps and bounds – and rightly so. Here, in the north-east, where several of England’s tournament heroes originate, one ‘grassroots’ footballer has been receiving attention over the summer,…
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100 Miles in August

100 Miles in August has been a fantastic success with everyone involved completing over 400 miles. As well as fundraising we’ve spent the month talking about mental health, diversity and inclusion. The is still a stigma around these subjects and its been great to see so many people getting involved across social media. Thank you…
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ANNOUNCEMENT – What’s next

Fine and Dandi was started with the intention of raising awareness around mental health, helping someone who maybe struggling and showing everyone, they don’t have to suffer alone. After the success over the past 18 months with Fine and Dandi there have been some talks about “what’s next”. One thing I have always wanted Fine…
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