The countdown is on…

The countdown is on…

It seems like no time since I got my confirmation place for the Great North Run and we are just over two weeks from the big day, uhh ohhh….

Around 6 weeks back I didn’t really have much motivation for running in general let alone doing a half marathon but that’s changed. Having missed the Great North 10k through a lack of fitness I decided then it was time to up the training, get out on longer runs and gradually increase the mileage even if it meant walking most I had to get mileage in.

I suppose some of those issues may have been down to my toe in the back of my mind and I’m so pleased I went to see Anthony @ The Chiropody & Podiatry Surgery in Bedlington who sorted it as well as gave the advice and reassurances I was after in regards to further damage and running which gave some motivation.

Since then I’ve increased the mileage slowly and whilst still being down on what I consider to be reasonable training I’ve carried on increasing the miles at a rate I wasn’t comfortable in order to give me the distances I need before the Great North Run.

Am I where I wanted to be in regards fitness? No. Am I as quick as I wanted to be when I signed up? No. Am I where I need to be mileage wise? Kinda. Do I know what to expect on the day? Absolutely not.

When I signed up I’d selected a time for completion based off some small runs in January and went for 2 hours 30 minutes to 2 hours 35 minutes. Based on the little training I did between May and July I would be happy to keep that as a target and anything quicker is a bonus. There was a theory in that time and I may post those reasons after, we will see. Is is achievable? I’m not sure but one thing is for sure and that I’ll be doing everything possible on the day to make it achievable :-).

Everything feels like it is coming together nicely now. I’ve been on a another long run tonight to get more miles in the legs and I’ve planned another 6 miler for either Monday PM or Tuesday AM next week as a shorter route with a plan of doing 10 miles next Saturday morning before tapering down the training for the big day. I’d like to have had another couple of 10 milers in before but its not possible with time left.

When running I’ve also had various apps on phone and smart watch to track the runs and tonight I’ve tried out yet another. I’ve started to use MapMyRun which I think is fantastic and coupled with some new running trainers (they even have bluetooth….) I’ve been able to use the data and use another app (Relive) to create a nice route of my run. How cool is this?

Plan was around 7.5 miles and I managed 8.3, winner.

My Mind running vest along with letters to put my name on arrived today so I think I have everything I need. I may not be physically where I wanted to be at the start of the year but I’m mentally prepared for the challenge ahead so bring it on :-).

My plan is to run, walk parts if needed, take in the occasion and most of all, enjoy it without any pressure of running to a time.

As well as doing the run I’m also looking to raise as much money for Mind as possible. Mind is something close to my heart and its fitting to do this for them.

I’ve not pushed fundraising so far due to lack of training and so on but think now is as good a time as ever to start. If anyone would like to sponsor me then they can do by clicking the link below.

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Every penny donated makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.