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“My mothers face flashed before my eyes and I thought I can’t do this to her”

It all started in Jan 2019. I had just returned from India after witnessing one of my closest loved ones recovering from a mental illness episode. When I left India, my close loved one was recovering and feeling better but I could sense that I was not able to overcome the sadness of seeing them…
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Talking about my struggles had a negative effect on my mental health

***WARNING – THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS DETAIL AND DESCRIPTIONS THAT MAY CAUSE UPSET*** When I was sixteen, I was sexually assaulted by someone that I knew from school. This was the start of my struggles with mental health as this played on my mind for years and led me to struggle to trust anyone. I then…
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There are lots of demands on my time, but I strive to live the best life that I can.

Hi people I am Vicki, I am 46 with a lovely husband Richie and an eight-year-old son Ewan. I run a small family business Safesol with help from my dad. Safesol are a family business that sell chemicals and offer consultancy services for legionella control. We mainly sell Huwa-San, silver hydrogen peroxide disinfectant which is…
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