There are lots of demands on my time, but I strive to live the best life that I can.

There are lots of demands on my time, but I strive to live the best life that I can.

Vicki with her son Ewan and Husband Richie

Hi people I am Vicki, I am 46 with a lovely husband Richie and an eight-year-old son Ewan. I run a small family business Safesol with help from my dad. Safesol are a family business that sell chemicals and offer consultancy services for legionella control. We mainly sell Huwa-San, silver hydrogen peroxide disinfectant which is used for disinfection of water, air and surfaces. Due to my role within the business there are lots of demands on my time, but I strive to live the best life that I can.

I first think I experienced issues with mental health in my teens. I’ve had issues with my body image at the time and I became anorexic. I would binge eat and make myself sick. A horrendous thing to do to yourself when you look back on it. Thankfully my mum found out and took me to the doctors. I had a chance to talk to councillor at this point who go my back to normal eating habits. 

I am now 46 and mental health continues to be an issue for me. It is not constantly bad or extreme enough to always be on medication, but it is always there challenging me. I generally suffer from stress from work which leads to me feeling incompetent with thoughts that I can’t do tasks; I can’t cope, and I am stupid. The stress also prevents me sleeping which just magnifies issues. There is a reason why it’s a form of torture. There is nothing worse than lying in your bed with loads of thought going through your mind when you know there is only 4 hours until your alarm goes off.

I imagine there are quite a lot of people in my situation, nothing major but with mental health impacting their lives so that they are not as full and as happy as they want them to be.

Through the years I have engaged in different therapies, taken tablets and exercised. 

I find the therapy helps especially when it’s practical suggestions such as writing lists, batch cooking, putting things on paper prior to going to bed, it gets the crap out of my head. I’m currently doing coaching to help improve myself and be the best version of myself.

I don’t like being on medication as I find that they mask issues rather than solve them but sometimes when my sleep is so bad, they are the only thing that will allow me to rest. I’m currently tablet free and hoping to remain so by practicing good habits and exercising.

The third thing that really helps me is exercise. I used to think I exercised to keep my body fit but I have realised that it is my mind. Exercise puts me in a happy place. When I exercise early in the morning it sets me up for the day and makes me think I can take on the world. It can be the most powerful thing in the world. Thanks to Black Sheep Fitness Academy for their brilliant training.

I wanted to share my story so that people know that they are not alone in their mental health struggles. I think it is something that the majority of us struggle with and we have to find our own coping mechanisms for. But the more we talk about this the more it brings it into the open and the more everyone will benefit and thrive.

Thanks for reading my journey.


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